Welcome Back!

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We hope everyone had a good and productive summer! We look forward to your summer training reports at the upcoming drills. Congratulations to all cadets who advanced over the summer!

Website Updates

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Please note the addition of an "Advancement" tab for cadet and officer advancement needs. Also there is a new Section for officers that contain regulation manuals.

Royal Canadian Legion Event

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151st Scottish Highland Gathering and Games a celebration of Scottish culture, traditions, competitions and entertainment for all the family to enjoy - at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton on Labor Day Weekend (September 3 - 4, 2016).

In the Beginning Long before colonists began to settle in the New World, Scotland already had a lengthy history and culture. Heavy Athletics Events were being held in Scotland at least 1,000 years ago, and some historians believe that Heavy Events originated during Druid times! Heavy Events began as tests of strength and conditioning for Scottish troops. A tree trunk would be made into a caber and tossed by the strongest military men. Smooth rocks from river beds would be heaved for distance. Lead weights would be tossed underhand over a bar more than twice as high as the athlete. Over the centuries, Heavy Events evolved from military exercises into festivals for the Scottish public, and with the addition of dancing, music, food and drink, the Highland Games were born. They are a traditional method of passing Scottish culture from generation to generation, and held throughout Scotland and the rest of the World. 

Flag Order

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The following article is about the proper order of flags in an all service branch color guard. This article comes from the American Legion newsletter "The Legionnaire". Full article can be viewed here. (Arkansas Division does not own any part of this article. We are not responsible for third party use. Is to be used for educational use only by Arkansas Division personnel.)

Ribbons and Course Work

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All Hands,

The awards manual is available under the ribbons and awards section of this website. Please refer to it when you have questions about ribbons. Also the course work and advancement section has been updated to reflect the most current information for cadets and officers/instructors.

ENS Freitas

Officers Call

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All Officers Call ( AOM ) has finally been approved by HQ. Please go to Magellan and sign up for N5-CA-1601.


There will be training provided, including Magellan, Depression Recognition and how to handle as well as Hazing/Bulling by a subject matter expert. Check in 0800 to 0830 and we will end approximately 1500.


Please send meal request to LCDR Marcia Powell by email to beef, chicken, fish or pasta by 3/6/16. A deposit of $20 to hold your morning snacks and meal is required because we had too many people make reservations and not show last year. Please send deposits to Marcia Powell.

You will receive per diem for attending. The meal cost will be deducted from the per diem.


Also included will be Coffee, Tea and snacks in the morning.




Region 12 Officers Call (AOM) in Monterey at the Navall Postgraduate School was moved to 12 March.  It had to be moved to this day because HQ could not fund it in January due to lack of money.  This year's training will include Recognizing Depression, Hazing/Bullying and Magellan. I have been waiting for it to be approved in Magellan to get it posted.


Please do not schedule any drills or inspections that day because of the training we are offering.

LCDR Steve Nash

Course Work Reminder

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All Hands,

Please finish/ start your course work. If you do not know what to do, contact ENS Kelsey Freitas. You can email her through the "Leadership Chain of Command" page.

Thank you!

Drill Reminder

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Drill today starting at 0830.

New Years, Drills and Canada

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All Hands,

Happy New Year! 
We had a great drill with the Civil Air Patrol Cadets on Saturday.  If you missed drill - you really missed out.  It was a very good way to start 2016 and it was a very good drill.  Ask your fellow shipmates and they will concur that it was a fabulous opportunity! 

1)  Let's start the year out right with reporting in for drill.  We need it for supervision and meal purposes.  Your Officers are willing to serve you so be respectful of their time and report in.  We need to know who is attending.  Some of you did it and that was perfect.  Thank you!  Keep it up as this is what makes us successful as a unit.  That is what we would like all our cadets to do. So if you did not report in please note that deficiency and correct it.

Some upcoming calendar items:

2) 23JAN16 - Drill YBI; Tickets for our new opportunity drawing fundraiser will be passed out.  Tickets will be $5.00 each.  New Cadets and those who need PT uniforms will need to sell at least 5 tickets.  All Cadets who have sold their required 5 tickets for their PT Uniform can sell as many tickets as they would like.  All the proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to offset your CANADA TRAINING Summer 2016.  Tickets will be handed out at our next drill.  Drawing will take place at our Annual Inspection in February.

3)  Our First Drill in February every Officer and Cadet going to Canada will need to make a $100.00 non-refundable Commitment Deposit.  This is so we can start the booking process for travel.  Then going forward what ever amount you are comfortable with until the total amount of $300.00 is collected from each Officer and Cadet going. Balance must be paid by the last drill in MAY.  You may make your payments according to what is comfortable for each of your budgets.  Payments are to be made only in Check or Money Order - no cash.  You can mail your checks payable to: Arkansas Division PO Box 137  Newman, CA 95360.  Calendar the following for CANADA SUMMER 2016 -  24 June through 4 July

4)  Annual Inspection is scheduled for 20FEB2016 - This is mandatory for all CADETS.  Invitations will be handed out at our next drill.

5)  Everyone will need to check out their PASSPORTS if you have one OR get one by going to the post office in your area and pick up an application - check on line too or pull out the application we gave out last year.  The process time takes at least 4-6 weeks or longer.  You will need to supply 2 passport photos, properly filled out application and parents (both) need to participate in this effort - follow all directions set forth on the US Government application and have the necessary fees.  We need all copies of Passports by MARCH.  Travel and Dates will all be confirmed by then.

6) Our Annual Fundraiser dates are being confirmed and will take place in April - (Our theme will be "Pirates on the Potomac")  Tickets will be $20.00 each with dessert and auction items like last year.  At this point half of all ticket sales which each cadet sells will go directly to the cadets personal CANADA TRAINING.  The remainder of the funds will be going directly to offset our CANADA TRAINING Summer 2016.

2016 is going to be a very memorable year for Arkansas Division!  Do bring a prospective cadet  - share your knowledge -  build our unit.  We want to make sure that each of you are aware of the upcoming events.  If you reply with your ONE WORD REPLY by 2400 - midnight TONIGHT you will receive a $5.00 credit in your CANADA TRAINING FUND.

Thank you for your service!
INST Karen Freitas

Drill-January 9, 2016

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All Hands,

Please email and report if you will be attending drill. This is for a head count in order to get chow. The POD has also been sent out.

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